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As a human its our duty to stop using plastic bags and apart from moral aspect The Plastic bags and related products are legally banned by govt authorities and courts and using polythene is a punishable offence as per law . Please prefer following legal terminology of plastic ban



  1. In the Gazette Notification no. 178  issued by Ministry of Environment,Forest and Climate Change Govt of India on  18th march 2016.  In article no.4 clauses (a) to (i) it is clearly stated that plastic commodities whose thickness is less than 50 microns are banned all over India Other remarkable steps are initiated in articles 6,11,14,15

                The above document is available on website of Ministry of Environment,Forest

gazette of ind pic

Click here for pdf = Gazette of India 2016

OR other link  =

                 (,%202016_0.pdf )





  1.  Further specification regarding above can be verified from proceedings of parliament (both Loksabha and Rajya sabha)                                                                     vide question umber = 757,604,3309,456,253,2333,2009 of 16th  loksabha and 1261 etc of 16th rajyasabha


                            Click here for documents pdf  =  Parliament on Plastic Ban

 Or search document from parliament website =





  1.  However many state/local  laws are also enforced by govt authorities i.e                                                                                                   Delhi gazzete  Gazette Notification No 2 By Govt of NCT Delhi Deptt. of Environment & wildlife on  7/jan/2009                                                                                                                                                                                                  Link For Document = gazette delhi 2009                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        d2

 Gazette Notification No 177 By Govt of NCT Delhi Deptt. of Environment & wildlife on 23/oct/2012

Link For Document     =     gazette delhi 2012

       Considering above 2 notification it is directed by Delhi govt to completely ban plastic carry bags all over Delhi  And if any retailer/shopkeeper/street vendor found using polythene  than legal action will be taken taken against him/her which may impose fine of 1,00,000 & jail


    You may also download above docs/pdf from here =   







  1.  Hon’ble Delhi High Court via writ petition no. 883 of 2009 & CM  4355/2009 in matter of Plastic Associations versus Govt of Delhi on july 14 2009 and also                 Judgement copy = Delhi High Court Notification_PlasticBags

 Hon’ble Supreme Court of India PIL Section Writ no 154 of 2012 in case of Karuna society vs  Govt of India & all states govts on 18/11/2014 has shown  serious concern over the mentioned problem and directed govt to take war level  step to minimize use of Plastic Commodities   

SC Judgement copy = supreme court on plastic

       Judgement copies are also available on website of mentioned court





NGT has several times directed Union and state govts to completely ban plastic products in the nation   The National Green Tribunal (NGT) court Principal Bench in matter no. 199 of 2014 on page no 64 clause 23 directed to govt of NCT delhi to ban usage of plastic glasses in the whole city w.e.f. 1st jan 2017 the further ban details are also specified in case no 281 of 2016 Kudrat Sandhu Vs Govt of Nct

The above documents are also available at=

 NGT has several times directed regional and union govt to completely ban plastic products the same


Given below is a master/final document a conclusion and combination of all important pages stated above all laws judgement notices are added in this doc = Master docs @ plastic

download (2)



Considering above facts it is clear that selling/using of  plastic commodities by shopkeepers,retailers, street vendors  also including citizens  in Delhi is a punishable offence  



       All the Patriotic & vigilant citizens are request to spread awareness regarding above laws in their surroundings and specially inform Shopkeepers,retailers & Street vendors  about it and convenience them to contribute in saving mother earth

If Shopkeepers,retailers & Street vendors etc. refuse to follow govt laws Than there complaints can be lodged in following authorities =






  1.  Nearest MCD office or online at
  2. To consumer forum (online service available)
  3. To respective state pollution board  ,Delhi =
  4. You may also seek help from 1969 swatch bharat helpline or helpline no. give on respective mcd website   for ex    For north delhi mcd = Mayor Helpline- 9643096430
  5. You may also proceed to NGT  if above authorities are not taking satisfying actions
  6. Grievance can also be lodged to respective state govt deptt of  Environment & wildlife or to union ministry of environment forest and climate change online by portal
  7. If none of above works than please acknowledge us and write to media channels/newspapers  , write to PM office and petition to other concerned ministries & NGOs



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